Description: I just turned 20 this past July and celebrated it with my best friends. Currently I work for the city of Regina as a cashier. Mostly this summer I worked at Massey Pool, Regent Pool and also at the Par 3 golf course. Regent pool was slightly scary to work at because the area wasn’t the nicest but it was all good. For the winter term I am going to be working some of the indoor rinks in Regina as a way to make extra cash for school.

I have been going to the U of R for three years now and am glad to be in the education program. I graduated from Campbell Collegiate in 2005. I really didn’t understand why all of the schools were so excited to call us the Centenial class cause it didn’t really make any sense to me. My older sisters graduating class was the millenium class and she says that it felt the same way.

As for my family I live at home with my mom, dad and older sister. We have one dog, she is a shih tzu but mostly we just call her the fur ball. I have an extremely large extended family my moms side all live in Moose Jaw and I spent a large amount of time there visiting with them. She has 4 brothers and 1 sister, also I see my granny while I am there. My dads side of the family is a bit smaller and more spread out. They live in Calgary, Medicine Hat and London Ontario.

My family

This is all my cousins (myself and sister to), significant others and thier children! There is a lot of us!

I have always been interested in technology and my dad is always showing me new progarams that come out. I usually use my lap top for school work, surfing the internet and talking to friends and family.

I think that the use of computers in classrooms is great because it expands the opportunity to learn about new cultures and things that textbooks don’t have information about. Also it can teach to look at multiple opinions at once and learn how to distinguish fact from fiction. Things like facebook and you tube allow for people to have more contact with each other and get to know more people across the world. I like these because it gives me the opportunity to see new cultures and learn about different things and also find new and old friends.

I think that this class will be informitive and fun for me. I am interested in learning how to bring computers into the classroom and give people new knowledge about things they may not know.

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