This week…

This week has been going alright for me. For ECMP 355 I have learned about some things on the internet that I haven’t learned before which was interesting. In my other classes I receive my ESL tutoring info  for  ELNG which is going to be fun because I have tutored ESL students in the past and enjoyed it.

Work has been going o.k. It is going to be another very long weekend because I have to work at 2 rinks on Sunday and I am not completely sure where the second rink is. Its kind of nice only having to work about 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the most. The only down part is that I am still at the golf course and that means 6:30 in the morning wake up calls to drive across the city and sit by myself until people come. Its always slow in the mornings and I never really see that many people.


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