The week…

 My week has started off alright… Today is going to be my longest day. I have two classes that are 2 hours long and then an hour class in between those two… EPSYC is intersting and its nice to get a 15 minute break to rest from what would be a very long lecture. My weekend was pretty quiet. I spent saturday and sunday working, which was alright except for the 6:45am shift of going out to the golf course. Saturday night was fun though cause I went the Casino with Jason (my bf) and my sister Ci Ci. There was a comedy night going on so it was a fun excuse to dress up a lil and get some drinks. The one comic was on the last comic standing and she is on this show called video on trial on much music. So it was good. The best thing she said was that everyone should drink out of martini glasses all the time because it always makes life seem more like a party. School has been ok but now I am starting to get more assignments and more papers that I should start working on. I have a major term paper for history which I am going to do the witch trials in England and why women were harassed the most.

But thats all for now!


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