My thoughts on technology…

While sitting here in the computer lab I started to think about how technology affects people in so many different ways. I know all through out elementary and high school everyone spent endless amounts of time writing things off the board or the over head and that would kill at least a good hour of class. Now in university, many people still hand write out notes during lectures but then there are a few (i.e. ME) who loves to use my lap top to take notes. For me personally its so much more easier to keep track of where my notes are and my day to day life. I am one of the most disorganized people in the world and so when I have a huge stack of papers from 5 different classes, I have trouble sorting them out.  So for me technology makes my life so much easier and my life not so hectic. Some people would argue against this, saying that its an easy reason for people to slack off and not pay attention. So there are a few people who do watch movies and play on msn during lectures which kind of doesn’t make sense about the movies cause if you really wanted to watch a movie why don’t you do that at home instead of sitting in a room with a 100 people who want to smack you for watching a movie during class. I have never done something like that but I am bad for playing free cell if the lecture gets boring or we are watching a not very interesting movie.

Just my thoughts of the day!

Later Days!

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