K-12 online conference

One of the presentations that I have found to be quite interesting and I just found this one of my google reader thinger, was about motivating student writers through connectiving students through blogs, chats and videos. This is an excellant idea for any grade in any school because it doesn’t actually have to be students from another country who they can connect to but even just students from another city or province. This is an amazing idea because it connects students together and helps them realize that beyond their town or city there is a larger world that can be explored. In this presentation they talk about how they have connected students from different countries and how they have been able to form friendships between the kids and let them communicate and get to know each more simply through posts and comments. This would be an amazing thing to try out in a classroom because it helps students understand that there is more going on in the world then just what they see in the news or hear from someone. Also it helps students build friendships that even though they may be far away, there is a comfort in knowing someone new and when they get older they may run into that individual some where. The feeling of being connected is important for students because sometimes they may have difficultly making friends where they live but if they have a chance to talk to someone and slowly grow they may begin to feel more confident. This idea is also unique because it shows how different people around the world can show and teach people about how their lives are and how they may differ from another persons. This gives a better cultural understanding for students who may only see other cultures as they are betrayed through the media without understanding the details. In my opinion this is a great learning tool because it can cross over multiple subjects and brings the idea of connecting everyone in the world instead of making it seem like a strange world where no one actually knows anything beyond their own home.

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