Dove Commercials

Watching these two Dove commercials makes a large impact on how many people look at how people see the beauty industry. I find these commercials to be extremely true and give the message that women and even men should look at how beauty is betrayed and can affect many people. In the first video, Onslaught, the images of what people will do to themselves to make themselves “beautiful” is sad but true. Many of the images show at how people will try to do anything just to force themselves to fit a stereotypical view of what a beautiful person should look like. I for one am against this idea that every person should be rail thin with a size 0 waist because if you really think about it, that means that you should not exist since 0 means nothing. As a teacher this is important to acknowledge in classrooms because it is important for students to understand that forcing themselves to look a certain way can actually hurt them. I think it is important for teachers and parents to bring up these issues because children are getting younger and younger and becoming more worried about how they look and eating disorders are becoming more of a problem. If teachers and parents talk to their kids earlier, some of these problems of eating disorders may be eliminated instead of letting them hurt themselves. These two commercials bring up the important point of understanding some of the problems behind what is considered beautiful and can be used to bring up class discussions of how to avoid falling for these stereotypes and letting them affect students lives.

In the commercial Onslaught, there are a few images that may harsh for younger students. Viewer Discretion is advised.



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