k-12 Online conference (Building Online Communities)

The presentation that I listened to was Building Online Communities for Youth. This was a really interesting presentation because it brings together many aspects of teaching and involves the students. One of the things that I liked about the presentation was how they explained how they were connecting students from all around the world and helping them learn about other countries. This is a really good idea because it involves the students and helps them get a more in depth look at other cultures and help them understand what is really going on. Also this allows students to act more freely and be able to discuss issues with each other and other students. The idea of blogging in the classroom and allowing students to connect with each other in different forms. This is important because students can learn new knowledge by interacting with students who may live on the other side of the world. This also gives students the chance to understand that there is more to the world then just beyond their city. This idea can be used for many lessons in the class room because students can share information about their homes and lives and be able to learn from other students. An example of how this blogging was used was that one of the presenters talked about how he invited a guest speaker from Iran to share a chat with the students. The presenter was surprised to see that the students began to ask in depth questions. This is a good example because the students were able to connect to someone who has real life experience and can give detailed answers that books sometimes cannot supply.  As a student working to become a teacher, I find this to be extremely interesting because it helps students to gain a better perspective on the world and also make new friends from other cultures. This is important because it helps students understand about being multi cultural and how fun it can be to learn about a new culture and how it compares to their own. The idea of building online communities for students is a good idea because they can help connect them to people but also gain knowledge about using technology and understanding how it can help connect people together.


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