ESL Tutoring

It was another week of ESL tutoring for me and it was good as always. I was working with the students in the first class who have basic English. The teacher I was working with set up a fun activity for the class that day. The interesting thing about this was that it doesn’t have to be used just for ESL classes but for any class. The activity that was done, was we had the class pair up and had one student face away from the t.v and had the second student face the t.v. We then played sections of the Mr. Bean show. The reason that this was chosen was because their was no conversations going on so the students could concentrate on what was going on in. We then would stop the video and have the students who watched the video, explain to their partners what was going on. This was an interesting activity because the students found this to be extremely fun and had a great time explaining to their friends what was going on. I found this to be very important because it helped the students put actions into words and be able to express what they see. Also this activity can be adapted in different ways to accommodate for students.

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