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Human Network

In our class, this was one of the first video’s that we were shown. It makes a lot of sense once you watch and is a good way to introduce technology to students. It goes along with our mentoring project also because it has allowed for us to connect with studnets from different places and become more knowledgable about what they are doing. Also it brings more openness when we think about how we can help students connect to each other and see that there is more in the world then what they see from the news and be open to more views than what they are told. Though there are some views that we don’t want students to see, we have to accept that they may find them on the internet but as teachers we should be open and willing to help them understand why they are considered bad and develop common sense about how to tell things apart.


Local Hero.

Being a hero to someone is a really big thing. For me, my hero is a family friend of mine, Susan Hone. I have known her for a long time (well since the day I was born) and she has been such an amazing person to know and is very nice and willing to act just like a mom for me. So I heard about this contest that she entered in with Air Miles. So just as a quick favor, to help her win this she needs people to vote for her. It would be really awsome if anyone would give up a few minutes and put a vote in for her because she has been through so much and this is really important for them.


Susan Hone and her son Jared at home on the couch.

Air Miles Contest Page – Here is the website which has the final 10 contestants who were chosen. Each contestant has a story about how they have used Air Miles. The winner gets a pile of Air miles (I forget the amount right now) if they win.

Susan Hone’s Story– Here is Susan’s story about how she has used air miles and about her friend who helped her.

Leader Post Article– Here is the article from last day’s Leader Post talking about Susan and her son and why she is in this contest.

December 5th, 2007: Just a quick update, I thought I would let everyone know that Susan won the contest! HURRAY! = ) Thanks for all the votes!

Mentorship Project

Through out the semester we have been mentoring many classes. It has been extremely interesting because it has given us the chance to work with students in a different form of learning. This has changed how I have viewed teaching because I have heard about how some students (in highschool and university) take classes online. I thought that this might be difficult but with teachers who work hard to make sure that there is lots of support for the students if they had problems. I found the use of mentoring to be very interesting and can be applied to any classroom if the teacher decided to do so. The reason I find this interesting is because it allows for parents to be able to see what their child is doingand also give extended family a chance to see what the child is up to. Also it allows for children to hear from other studnets who may be doing the similar type of work which will allow for students to compare what they are learning. Two of the classes that I have been mentoring with were Darren Kuropatwa and Leslie Berchard.

Here are a few examples of the comments I posted:

That is a very cool looking witch! You did a very good job a drawing it. Did you have fun trick or treating?
Comment Posted on November 5, 2007 at 10:29 AM by Autumn (mentor)

It sounds like you guys have a really good time at swimming lessons! The sportplex is a fun place to go! Whenever I am in Moose Jaw to see my family I try to go swimming there because I absolutely love the water slide!
Comment Posted on October 22, 2007 at 11:19 AM by AutumnF (Mentor)


Autumnf (mentor) said…

The use of spread sheets is really useful. As an upcoming teacher, I have learned that spreadsheets can be extremely useful for keeping track of marks for all the assignments. Have you thought of the different ways that you can use spread sheets beyond banking methods?
26/11/07 10:44 AM  


Autumn said…
Payroll deductions sound very interesting to learn about! I don’t remember if I ever learned about any of that when I was in high school. I kind of wish I had so I could understand why it seems like a paycheck should be large but it shrinks from the amount of deductions. Hope your are having fun in class!

29/10/07 11:28 AM

Go Riders!

Well last night was the Grey Cup! I worked for part of the game but watched it while I was at work. It was a slow game for me, I really thought that it would be more intense! So the final score was 23-19 (hurray!) I thought it was pretty funny driving home after work because it was half way through the game and there wasn’t a soul out there! Well O.K there was a few unmarked police cars out but I am pretty sure they were just bored and waiting for the game to end.  So the game ended and I waited till about 9p.m to start heading home from my friend Jenna’s place. Well I figured that Albert St. was going to be pretty backed up so I took the side streets to get home. Well I had to cross Albert St. and that was scary enough. It was a long night of listening to people screaming and car horns honking at my house, since I only live right off of Albert street and it was just nutty! I thought one of the comments made in the game was that the next time the Riders win the Grey Cup will be in 2020! I think that is true because last time they did, I was about 2 years old!

Have a good day and yay Riders! = )

[photo] I found this on the Leader Post Website, this was after the game and how insane it really got out there!


University Classes

Well today has been one of THE MOST STRESSFUL DAYS! I seriously have no luck and when bad luck strikes me, it comes all at once! So today was registration day for my univserity classes… Well I got into the first three classes that I wanted in… THEN the last two classes that I wanted to sign up for I couldn’t!! I was so so frustrated cause classes get filled up fast and I was trying to sign up this morning to make sure I got into the ones I wanted. So I had to dash to ESL tutoring this morning which was good except for being stuck in traffic for 15 minutes because of an accident on Lewvan (people not watching where they are driving and ended up side swiping each other). When I got home, I ran all the way to the university (I am to cheap to pay for a parking pass and prefer the exerecise) and get to the Education Registration Office and find out that they are not functioning because of the strike! I nearly screamed out loud when I saw that (I was that frustrated) and I couldn’t believe what was happening. Well luckly for me, there was an advisor standing outside and only helping people who had appointments or who were in dire urgent assistance before going crazy (example: ME!). So Luckily she pointed out that I could get into one of the classes, except that it was a night class which wasn’t my ideal plan but hey can’t complain when at least I get into the class, and the other one I sadly can not take because it is only available to Suntep students (I am not quite sure who they are). So I scrammbled for 20 minutes trying to find a 5th class (I was hoping not to take a summer class) and was able to find one! It seems interesting and just a lil bit of luck for me! But I should be heading off to a lecture to hand in an observation assignment!!

The uses of technology.

In today’s world there are many different uses of technology. They can change our lives completely in many different ways. Technology can allow for people to connect with others from across the world, learn about languages, cultures and beliefs from other countries that they did not know that existed. And you can do things such as someone did with these videos:

Version 1:Original Version

Version 2: Dubbed Voices

Telecollaborative Projects.

In class we talked about the use of telecollaborative projects that are becoming more common in class projects. I think that these are really interesting because it involves kids to become more interactive with people around the world. These sites were extremely interesting and opened up many ideas of classroom projects that could be done at any grade level. These can be very important because they not only help students understand another culture and country but that the world beyond thier own city can be interesting and thought provoking.

1. Flat Classroom Project – This site is extremely intersting because it connects 7 different classrooms from different countries. This site provides lesson plans and resources for teachers but it also has topics, rubrics, awards and a calendar for the students to use.

2. Global Grocerry List – This is a unique site because it allows for students to look at the different prices of food from countries all around the world. This can be combined with multiple lessons in all different curriculum areas and allow for students to look at differences between their lives and the lives of other children around the world.

3. Monster Exchange – This is a great site for studnets to be able to connect with children their own age from different countries around the world. This site is interesting because it allows for students to express their creativity by drawing monsters and describing them to another student from somewhere else and then having that student draw a monster from the description. This is a very neat idea because it allows for students to be creative in their own ways and express themselves.

Free Hugs

I thought this video was really thoughtful and nice! It makes you want to go out and hug someone today! = )

Techtask 8

  In this task, we were asked to create a page about us and who we are. This actually took a lot of thought, and a good hour of looking through pictures to try and find some that somewhat define who I am. Also I had to harass my parents, sister, friends and boyfriend for ideas of how to define me. All of the descriptions that were used, were from them! Although there were a few comments which I did not put on because I thought my parents were being mean! This was really fun and could be used as a good classroom tool because it can give the kids a chance to express themselves as who they are. The program that we used for this Adobe Photo shop 4.0. I found it somewhat difficult to use and my classmate April can contest to this problem because she was beside me complaining about the computer.


Thought for Today.

Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.
  – Al Franken

When I read this quote it made me smile because it is actually very true about life. This is funny for me because each “mistake” that I have made growing up has changed me in one way or another. Also its important to reflect on what happened because it can change your course of life in one way or another. Though if it is a fatal mistake then it could be by complete accident or just complete stupidity on behalf of the individual. The quote also makes me think of teaching and working with students. When teaching a lesson and it seems like you are doing something wrong, it is good to stop and see what happened and how you can change it to help not only the students you are teaching at that point but also students in the future. Also this quote is helpful for students, in understanding that though mistakes are considered to be bad, sometimes those mistakes can turn out to be unique and important. Everyone should stop seeing mistakes as something that is horribly bad and take a moment to laugh about the silly or was embarassing mistakes and see how they can help them later on in life. This quote also makes me think of history because one of the most interesting ways to learn is to look into the past and see what we considered to be “mistakes” of important people at that time and how it changed the course of history.

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