Tech Task 7

The use of technology in the classroom is becoming more and more important. Using a wiki provide us links to some very useful websites that can be used in the classroom to not only benefit us as teachers but also the students. This is important because it will not only make teaching for us just a little less hectic and crazy but it will making learning more unique and interesting for the students. I  have complied a list of the following tools I think that can be useful for the classroom.

1. Google Earth – This site is extremely interesting and very fun to play around on when you have a few minutes to spare. It is also very useful for the class room because it can students a chance to look at maps in 3-D. Also it can help students to gain knowledge about how maps work. Many lessons can be linked to the use of this site and help students to gain technology skills.

2. Bluedot – This site is extremely useful and I personally use it on a daily basis now. The idea behind this site is similar to the use of bookmarking particular sites but instead of only being able to access that from the computer that you saved it on. This site allows you to access all of the websites that you have saved and access them on the web from anywhere. Also you can share the websites that you have found with friends. This can be used in the classroom cause all the students can create accounts and connect with peers and the teacher. From this process, everyone can share websites that may be useful to doing research or part of a lesson.

3. Gliffy – The idea behind this site is to allow users to create things like flow charts and diagrams. This is useful for students because they can use this to plan out ideas or to have visual examples of what their ideas are. This is important for the classroom because not all students learn the same way and many students who learn visually can benefit from this website.

4. Youtube – Youtube can be used as an educational tool but discretion has to be used on what videos are being watched. This site allows for users to post video’s that they have created to the world wide web so anyone can see them. This can be useful in the classroom because it allows students to be creative and make their own video’s for certain assignments and then be able to share them not only with peers but family and friends. Also there are some useful video’s on the site that can be used in lessons.

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