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Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.
  – Al Franken

When I read this quote it made me smile because it is actually very true about life. This is funny for me because each “mistake” that I have made growing up has changed me in one way or another. Also its important to reflect on what happened because it can change your course of life in one way or another. Though if it is a fatal mistake then it could be by complete accident or just complete stupidity on behalf of the individual. The quote also makes me think of teaching and working with students. When teaching a lesson and it seems like you are doing something wrong, it is good to stop and see what happened and how you can change it to help not only the students you are teaching at that point but also students in the future. Also this quote is helpful for students, in understanding that though mistakes are considered to be bad, sometimes those mistakes can turn out to be unique and important. Everyone should stop seeing mistakes as something that is horribly bad and take a moment to laugh about the silly or was embarassing mistakes and see how they can help them later on in life. This quote also makes me think of history because one of the most interesting ways to learn is to look into the past and see what we considered to be “mistakes” of important people at that time and how it changed the course of history.


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  1. heron20b Said:

    I also enjoy that quote a lot! I know that sometimes at the time of the mistake it’s really tough to see what you’re learning from it, but whether that hits you right after, a day after, or even years after, you learn from that mistake in one way or another. When a mistake becomes fatal, although it’s tragic, it may have taught someone else something that may change their life which is so important.
    When you talk about history your right, looking back and seeing how mistakes of others have changed the course of history is a great thing. however I don’t see how we look back on the mistakes we’ve made, the wars we’ve fought and yet here we are today with wars going on all over the world! This is a tragedy and possibly a mistake that everyone has learned from but has done nothing to change it.

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