Telecollaborative Projects.

In class we talked about the use of telecollaborative projects that are becoming more common in class projects. I think that these are really interesting because it involves kids to become more interactive with people around the world. These sites were extremely interesting and opened up many ideas of classroom projects that could be done at any grade level. These can be very important because they not only help students understand another culture and country but that the world beyond thier own city can be interesting and thought provoking.

1. Flat Classroom Project – This site is extremely intersting because it connects 7 different classrooms from different countries. This site provides lesson plans and resources for teachers but it also has topics, rubrics, awards and a calendar for the students to use.

2. Global Grocerry List – This is a unique site because it allows for students to look at the different prices of food from countries all around the world. This can be combined with multiple lessons in all different curriculum areas and allow for students to look at differences between their lives and the lives of other children around the world.

3. Monster Exchange – This is a great site for studnets to be able to connect with children their own age from different countries around the world. This site is interesting because it allows for students to express their creativity by drawing monsters and describing them to another student from somewhere else and then having that student draw a monster from the description. This is a very neat idea because it allows for students to be creative in their own ways and express themselves.


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  1. Cha ntelle Said:

    These are just a few comments on your overall content and structure:

    – Your posts are regular and thought provoking. I like that you occasionally “journal” about your life, but mostly you are sharing interesting things you have come across and your thoughts in regards to teaching, or just life in general. I think you totally understand what the purpose of a professional blog is. So, keep it up.

    – I would suggest changing the overall name of your blog at the top of the page. Right now it says “AUTUMNF’S WEBLOG”. Perhaps just change it to “Autumn’s Weblog” or “Autum’s Portfolio” or something like that. You can change it by going to your dashboard I think.

    – I would suggest either adding categories to your posts or else just deleting your “categories” widget from the side. You don’t necessarily need categories though because your pages distinguish between the different type of posts you have.

    I hope this is helpful — let me know if you need clarification on what I have suggested. It looks really great overall!

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