University Classes

Well today has been one of THE MOST STRESSFUL DAYS! I seriously have no luck and when bad luck strikes me, it comes all at once! So today was registration day for my univserity classes… Well I got into the first three classes that I wanted in… THEN the last two classes that I wanted to sign up for I couldn’t!! I was so so frustrated cause classes get filled up fast and I was trying to sign up this morning to make sure I got into the ones I wanted. So I had to dash to ESL tutoring this morning which was good except for being stuck in traffic for 15 minutes because of an accident on Lewvan (people not watching where they are driving and ended up side swiping each other). When I got home, I ran all the way to the university (I am to cheap to pay for a parking pass and prefer the exerecise) and get to the Education Registration Office and find out that they are not functioning because of the strike! I nearly screamed out loud when I saw that (I was that frustrated) and I couldn’t believe what was happening. Well luckly for me, there was an advisor standing outside and only helping people who had appointments or who were in dire urgent assistance before going crazy (example: ME!). So Luckily she pointed out that I could get into one of the classes, except that it was a night class which wasn’t my ideal plan but hey can’t complain when at least I get into the class, and the other one I sadly can not take because it is only available to Suntep students (I am not quite sure who they are). So I scrammbled for 20 minutes trying to find a 5th class (I was hoping not to take a summer class) and was able to find one! It seems interesting and just a lil bit of luck for me! But I should be heading off to a lecture to hand in an observation assignment!!

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