Go Riders!

Well last night was the Grey Cup! I worked for part of the game but watched it while I was at work. It was a slow game for me, I really thought that it would be more intense! So the final score was 23-19 (hurray!) I thought it was pretty funny driving home after work because it was half way through the game and there wasn’t a soul out there! Well O.K there was a few unmarked police cars out but I am pretty sure they were just bored and waiting for the game to end.  So the game ended and I waited till about 9p.m to start heading home from my friend Jenna’s place. Well I figured that Albert St. was going to be pretty backed up so I took the side streets to get home. Well I had to cross Albert St. and that was scary enough. It was a long night of listening to people screaming and car horns honking at my house, since I only live right off of Albert street and it was just nutty! I thought one of the comments made in the game was that the next time the Riders win the Grey Cup will be in 2020! I think that is true because last time they did, I was about 2 years old!

Have a good day and yay Riders! = )

[photo] I found this on the Leader Post Website, this was after the game and how insane it really got out there!


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