Local Hero.

Being a hero to someone is a really big thing. For me, my hero is a family friend of mine, Susan Hone. I have known her for a long time (well since the day I was born) and she has been such an amazing person to know and is very nice and willing to act just like a mom for me. So I heard about this contest that she entered in with Air Miles. So just as a quick favor, to help her win this she needs people to vote for her. It would be really awsome if anyone would give up a few minutes and put a vote in for her because she has been through so much and this is really important for them.


Susan Hone and her son Jared at home on the couch.

Air Miles Contest Page – Here is the website which has the final 10 contestants who were chosen. Each contestant has a story about how they have used Air Miles. The winner gets a pile of Air miles (I forget the amount right now) if they win.

Susan Hone’s Story– Here is Susan’s story about how she has used air miles and about her friend who helped her.

Leader Post Article– Here is the article from last day’s Leader Post talking about Susan and her son and why she is in this contest.

December 5th, 2007: Just a quick update, I thought I would let everyone know that Susan won the contest! HURRAY! = ) Thanks for all the votes!

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