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It’s Friday!

Hey its FRIDAY! Hurray! That doesn’t mean that its going to get me out of working! HAHA! Well technically I do not work for at least another week! Its been a pretty quite day (yes I am at work again..) I know I really do need a little bit of a life! HaHa! Well I have got to see a few friends that were home for the holidays and celebrate Jenna’s birthday! HURRAY! Otherwise I am just doing the count down till christmas and Ci Ci’s birthday! The plans are set and I am ready for it. Ok maybe not since things don’t go along as planned..

Good news though! The job interview went extremely well. Well at least I think it did at least. I hopefully will hear back from them in the new year because its so close to christmas and there is a lot of choas going on right now. Currently I am looking into trying and finding a CPR/First Aid course to take in January. I was hoping I could get one with the city but there isn’t one until the end of February but thats not really going to work out well for me.. So I get to call around see what I can find. 

I only got 2 hours left to go and I should probably go look around the office to see what I need to get done! = )

Later Days!


Crazy days…

So you would think that I should be relaxing cause I am supposed to be on vacation! HA! I am at work again. I have beeen getting a lot of calls for subbing which is understandable since it is the holiday’s and most people want to be getting shopping done and time spent with the family. Its all good with me cause I really need to make some extra cash to pay off what will end up being some scary christmas bills! GAH! So not much as happened since I last wrote. I did screw up the till at work the other night which was not fun but thankfully the administration person has some very good paitence and figured out what I was doing wrong! HURRAY! Some big news happened yesterday though!!! I got a job interview for a rec worker with the city (I already work for them which is ok…) and the interview is tommorow! Right after I spend my morning waiting for my turn to attempt to pick at the few hours which are left over. That is the one downfall at being near the bottom of the seniority list! But I am very excited about this interview and fingers crossed I get the job. This is something that I am interested in because I will have the chance to work with kids of all different ages (which hey applies to teaching!) and what is more fun then getting to hang out and work with kids!

So I am getting a little tired but only an hour left of work! I better go and gather some paper work up and attempt to understand this computer (sorry Alec I don’t like the computers at work! THEY ARE BORING!)

Later Days!

Another day of work…

So I am back at work again, only this time its at a completely different center! GAH! So I am slowly gaining my senses of whats going on in here… There isn’t a lot of people which is a good thing because I am so worried about doing one bad thing! YIKES! I am a little excited to be able to go home soon. Which is sad to say is another 2 hours away… I have been trying to keep myself busy by reading the how to manual and figuring out how I am going to manage shutting down! Its never really easy going from one leisure center where its a particular way to a new place where you have to do things the complete opposite or you need things that you never knew existed. Doesn’t help that I have only really worked at the centers maybe half a dozen times (I think its close to that). Also I am worried that the printers are going to be very cruel and not work for me. One has already managed to do so and the  other one was doing it earlier… I have been extremely happy with the marks I got back but I am slowly working on finding a way to make my new schedule work and stick! I really wanted to take a particular class but wasn’t allowed to because it doesn’t fit into my particular program which makes me sad. I did although find another class which will work but is 3 hours twice a week which slightly intimidates me! Well hopefully Christmas goes well (I can’t believe its only a week away!) I have finished everything up but know that my holiday’s are never quiet ones!

Hope everyone enjoys the break from school!

Just a Saturday.

So schools done, most of my marks are now in… Ok so I have to wait for two classes cause I just got back my paper from one class and wrote my last exam. I am excited for the new school year because I have a lot of interesting classes! The only down side is that I am stuck taking 3 night classes! So much for having a lil fun during my evenings! It will be all good though. Right now I am spending my vacation working (as I am doing right now) and spending some time with family and friends. I am so glad to have finished my christmas shopping! Its so crazy outside and with the weather (a cool foggy slippery day) I really don’t want to try and fight the crowds for shopping. For me, christmas will be a hetic couple days since I will be driving to Moose Jaw to see my family (pictures of almost everybody on the about me page) and having a HUGE and I mean huge christmas supper. Then I drive back home with my granny and we spend a quiet christmas day together. After that its back to Moose Jaw on boxing day to get some shopping done (and some shopping in Regina!). Its been such a crazy semester and I can’t wait to relax some and enjoy a few days of quiet (wait its never quiet around my house!) Such a silly thing to say 🙂

Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday break!

Bugs Bunny

Cartoons can be great entertainment for young and old. For many people watching old cartoons brings back the good ol days of being young and care free. For me, watching these two video’s does not only bring back great memories but as a teacher I see lessons and music appreciation coming from these two video’s. Yes they do have violence in them with the hunting of the rabbit (Bugs) but if we look at the content on t.v today where kids can watch “fake” bodies having an autopsy done on them during prime time t.v hour this stuff looks meek. It is important to talk to younger students about what they saw and make sure that  they understand that this is a cartoon and none of these actions should be done. But I still argue the point where else can a teacher give an example of classical music being used in new (well this case old) and interesting ways. This can lead to students creating their own cartoons are taking cartoons that they watch and syncing it up to music. This is where technology can come extremely important and lessons in technology are key! Its funny, its music education (where else will you ever find the use of great classical music in cartoons?) and its just one of those things that never gets old! Well at least for me it doesn’t!

The Message.

This is a really powerful video that makes me think about a lot of stuff… I thought it had a good message about living in today’s world and how everyone should probably watch this video!

How to hug a baby…

I thought this video was hilarious when I saw it and its just a good way to brighten someones day! = )



grow courage

the need for courage

grow perspective

opinion from the perspective you grow

grow peace

or love

that grows apart




grow imagination


more reasonable expectation

or talent

any talent

or style

or any style

just plain grow

just plain grow up

grow friends


best friends

even enemies

grow respect

and defeat

and victory

pursuit of a dream

always grow

grow always

who’s ever really finished anyways

Milk Commercials

So a while back in the semester when we were doing one of the tech tasks someone started asking about these commercials that they saw. So there was a class discussion about what company put the commercials out and we could not figure it out! So the other day when my boyfriend was going through channels I saw the commercial! So I just thought I would post a few just because it made me smile!

Cyber Bullying gone to far

This was just on the news the other day, also on many websites. So the issue of cyber bullying is always an issue especially now with myspace and facebook and all of these social networking sites. Personally I think that these sites can be good because it allows for people to connect with others. For me I have family on my facebook account and friends from all over the place and it makes it easy to stay in contact if I don’t get to talk to them on msn or face to face or over the phone.

So back to the story, it seems that a young girl committed suicide after being harassed online. The big twist to this story is that it was a 47 year old mother. The reason why she did this was that her daughter said that this particular girl (the one who died) was rude to her. So the mother took this accusation into her own hands and has now resulted in the death of a young girl. This is the most sad and actually disgusting thing that I have ever heard. I was quite shocked and angered when I heard this because this women is a 47 year old mother who is supposed to set an example for her children and she has went and done this. Its very sad that in an age where we are trying to stop bullying and cyber bullying is a major problem, it is sad to see that a mother, an adult should be one to try and stop this from happening, not the one causing this problem.  As students it is important to see that this should be stopped and not supported at all. Also as someone who works with kids and has faced bullying before it makes me sad to see that it wasn’t a teenager or kid doing this to someone else but a parent. Parents are supposed to be the ones who are supporting their child and trying to help them understand how to make the right decisions.. This wasn’t the case and now an innocent girl ended up dead. There is a real need to get people to understand the impacts of bullying and now that a parent has done something like this it makes the issue that much more important.

Here is the news article from FOX News.