Cyber Bullying gone to far

This was just on the news the other day, also on many websites. So the issue of cyber bullying is always an issue especially now with myspace and facebook and all of these social networking sites. Personally I think that these sites can be good because it allows for people to connect with others. For me I have family on my facebook account and friends from all over the place and it makes it easy to stay in contact if I don’t get to talk to them on msn or face to face or over the phone.

So back to the story, it seems that a young girl committed suicide after being harassed online. The big twist to this story is that it was a 47 year old mother. The reason why she did this was that her daughter said that this particular girl (the one who died) was rude to her. So the mother took this accusation into her own hands and has now resulted in the death of a young girl. This is the most sad and actually disgusting thing that I have ever heard. I was quite shocked and angered when I heard this because this women is a 47 year old mother who is supposed to set an example for her children and she has went and done this. Its very sad that in an age where we are trying to stop bullying and cyber bullying is a major problem, it is sad to see that a mother, an adult should be one to try and stop this from happening, not the one causing this problem.  As students it is important to see that this should be stopped and not supported at all. Also as someone who works with kids and has faced bullying before it makes me sad to see that it wasn’t a teenager or kid doing this to someone else but a parent. Parents are supposed to be the ones who are supporting their child and trying to help them understand how to make the right decisions.. This wasn’t the case and now an innocent girl ended up dead. There is a real need to get people to understand the impacts of bullying and now that a parent has done something like this it makes the issue that much more important.

Here is the news article from FOX News.

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