Bugs Bunny

Cartoons can be great entertainment for young and old. For many people watching old cartoons brings back the good ol days of being young and care free. For me, watching these two video’s does not only bring back great memories but as a teacher I see lessons and music appreciation coming from these two video’s. Yes they do have violence in them with the hunting of the rabbit (Bugs) but if we look at the content on t.v today where kids can watch “fake” bodies having an autopsy done on them during prime time t.v hour this stuff looks meek. It is important to talk to younger students about what they saw and make sure that  they understand that this is a cartoon and none of these actions should be done. But I still argue the point where else can a teacher give an example of classical music being used in new (well this case old) and interesting ways. This can lead to students creating their own cartoons are taking cartoons that they watch and syncing it up to music. This is where technology can come extremely important and lessons in technology are key! Its funny, its music education (where else will you ever find the use of great classical music in cartoons?) and its just one of those things that never gets old! Well at least for me it doesn’t!

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