Just a Saturday.

So schools done, most of my marks are now in… Ok so I have to wait for two classes cause I just got back my paper from one class and wrote my last exam. I am excited for the new school year because I have a lot of interesting classes! The only down side is that I am stuck taking 3 night classes! So much for having a lil fun during my evenings! It will be all good though. Right now I am spending my vacation working (as I am doing right now) and spending some time with family and friends. I am so glad to have finished my christmas shopping! Its so crazy outside and with the weather (a cool foggy slippery day) I really don’t want to try and fight the crowds for shopping. For me, christmas will be a hetic couple days since I will be driving to Moose Jaw to see my family (pictures of almost everybody on the about me page) and having a HUGE and I mean huge christmas supper. Then I drive back home with my granny and we spend a quiet christmas day together. After that its back to Moose Jaw on boxing day to get some shopping done (and some shopping in Regina!). Its been such a crazy semester and I can’t wait to relax some and enjoy a few days of quiet (wait its never quiet around my house!) Such a silly thing to say 🙂

Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday break!

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