Another day of work…

So I am back at work again, only this time its at a completely different center! GAH! So I am slowly gaining my senses of whats going on in here… There isn’t a lot of people which is a good thing because I am so worried about doing one bad thing! YIKES! I am a little excited to be able to go home soon. Which is sad to say is another 2 hours away… I have been trying to keep myself busy by reading the how to manual and figuring out how I am going to manage shutting down! Its never really easy going from one leisure center where its a particular way to a new place where you have to do things the complete opposite or you need things that you never knew existed. Doesn’t help that I have only really worked at the centers maybe half a dozen times (I think its close to that). Also I am worried that the printers are going to be very cruel and not work for me. One has already managed to do so and the  other one was doing it earlier… I have been extremely happy with the marks I got back but I am slowly working on finding a way to make my new schedule work and stick! I really wanted to take a particular class but wasn’t allowed to because it doesn’t fit into my particular program which makes me sad. I did although find another class which will work but is 3 hours twice a week which slightly intimidates me! Well hopefully Christmas goes well (I can’t believe its only a week away!) I have finished everything up but know that my holiday’s are never quiet ones!

Hope everyone enjoys the break from school!

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