Crazy days…

So you would think that I should be relaxing cause I am supposed to be on vacation! HA! I am at work again. I have beeen getting a lot of calls for subbing which is understandable since it is the holiday’s and most people want to be getting shopping done and time spent with the family. Its all good with me cause I really need to make some extra cash to pay off what will end up being some scary christmas bills! GAH! So not much as happened since I last wrote. I did screw up the till at work the other night which was not fun but thankfully the administration person has some very good paitence and figured out what I was doing wrong! HURRAY! Some big news happened yesterday though!!! I got a job interview for a rec worker with the city (I already work for them which is ok…) and the interview is tommorow! Right after I spend my morning waiting for my turn to attempt to pick at the few hours which are left over. That is the one downfall at being near the bottom of the seniority list! But I am very excited about this interview and fingers crossed I get the job. This is something that I am interested in because I will have the chance to work with kids of all different ages (which hey applies to teaching!) and what is more fun then getting to hang out and work with kids!

So I am getting a little tired but only an hour left of work! I better go and gather some paper work up and attempt to understand this computer (sorry Alec I don’t like the computers at work! THEY ARE BORING!)

Later Days!

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