It’s Friday!

Hey its FRIDAY! Hurray! That doesn’t mean that its going to get me out of working! HAHA! Well technically I do not work for at least another week! Its been a pretty quite day (yes I am at work again..) I know I really do need a little bit of a life! HaHa! Well I have got to see a few friends that were home for the holidays and celebrate Jenna’s birthday! HURRAY! Otherwise I am just doing the count down till christmas and Ci Ci’s birthday! The plans are set and I am ready for it. Ok maybe not since things don’t go along as planned..

Good news though! The job interview went extremely well. Well at least I think it did at least. I hopefully will hear back from them in the new year because its so close to christmas and there is a lot of choas going on right now. Currently I am looking into trying and finding a CPR/First Aid course to take in January. I was hoping I could get one with the city but there isn’t one until the end of February but thats not really going to work out well for me.. So I get to call around see what I can find. 

I only got 2 hours left to go and I should probably go look around the office to see what I need to get done! = )

Later Days!

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