ELNG Journal entry

So for my ELNG class I am supposed to keep a journal and just write in it. Sounds pretty easy for me. So I guess I will start describing my week. Its been beyond crazy and tiring and its only Tuesday. Wow… I just started a new job as a casual rec worker with the city (BYE BYE CASHIERING!) and its been pretty good. The hard thing right now is just getting all the orientation and work sorted out so that I can work! Its tough! I feel like I am constantly running to work for like 15 minutes and then going home again. The catch is the center I am at is not exactly a quick run to from my house or from school. But hey I will eventually stop feeding the parking meters and letting the uni steal all of my loonies and toonies! I am excited for friday because I get to do a day camp (which thankfully is only one day cause I am not that overly masterful at being creative)! I have already created two activity plans because I have to do this on two different fridays! YIkES! Its been kind of a tough semester so far with having to get used to do night classes. I find it hard cause I am more wide awake and ready to run around all afternoon so maybe its been a good thing because I actually do my homework and not read to pages and go ok i am tired time for some sleep! Which is what I do after I get home from work or class! = ) I ever so smartly forgot to grab the one book i need to do readings today before I ran out my front door and am kicking myself for it… But I guess that means I get to cram a few chapters in tonight (ok lets say a few pages cause its a really dry book) and then some more tommorrow in between class and orientation and class… oye I am going to be one tired girl by sunday!


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