ELNG Journal Entry

So its a very snowy day right now! I have a few mintues before I am to bundle up in my many layers of coats and put on my big tall boots and trudge off to school. Its not to bad walking to school most days. The only down fall is when there is a windshield of -35 and no matter how fast you try to walk, you just end up feeling cold! A lot of people question me about why I would rather take the 15-20 minute walk instead of drive up and I point out the simple fact that I would rather walk and be cold then drive, park in a lot that is a good 5 minute sometimes 10 minutes, depending on what lot you are at, to just simply go to school. Also the price of parking is a tad bit high for me and not wanting to see my veichle get damaged is also another reason. I know most people have not had issues but I have seen the random “keying” to peoples cars and the dents that people have gotten from other people simply swinging open their doors wihtout a care in the world. So I shall now head off and shufffle through the mass amount of snow outside for my class this afternoon! 

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