ELNG Assignment

How can teachers respect a writer’s efforts and still inspire the writer to stretch and extend their writing?(Section 20)

A teacher can respect a writers efforts but still inspire that writer in many different ways. One particular way that the teacher could do this is talk to the writer and find out what they are most passionate about and try to incorporate it into the writing experience. If the writer does not have the strongest ability, a teacher can provide insight, or thoughts about what the writer may want to do to try and fix what they are doign wrong. A teacher should never degrade a student but try and understand, support but also encourage new writing and change in a step by step process so that they student will not feel overwhelmed and confused. If students are given the chance to expand slowly and have the teacher provide support and information on the changes, they may feel more comfortable to continue to work harder on the changes.

It is difficult as teachers because you do not want to damper or put down a writers work but not give them the proper encouragement where they will feel like they are just getting told that they are doing a good job and not recieving any other feedback. The influences that we have on writers can impact how they view themselves and either the continuation of their writing or the stopping of their writing.


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