ELNG Journal Entry

Its already February and I am so glad that in a week and some it will be reading week. I am going to be quite a boring person and just spend my entire week off of school working.. Not that fun I know! GAH! But i guess I will get some time to spend time with friends who I am sad to say have kinda got misplaced between school work and my own work.

I am excited for the end of the week because I get to do a day camp on healthy eating! I have been planning it out and think I am ready! I did one the other week, where it was an ice cream social. It was really fun cause we got to make ice cream in baggies which was very tasty! My work has been very helpful because I get to plan out “lessons” and work with a group of kids for a couple hours. This feels really helpful for me as an upcoming teacher because I get the chance to be in a leader role even if for a little while.

It was kinda tricky when I was doing my lesson plan for my group project because I felt nervous doing it in front of my class mates, mainly I think I was nervous about being judged by them and what I was doing. I get really nervous about things like that and sometimes feel like I kind of screwed up.

Later days!


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