ELNG Assignment

What does it mean to be a writer? There are so many things that can define who is a writer that anyone can become one with out even knowing. When I think of someone who is a writer I think of them as:

W: WORDSMITH, someone who wants to be a writer must consider that what they are trying to tell the reader does not only depend on the ideas that they are expressing but the words that they are using. If someone chooses weak or boring words they may lose the readers interest in what they are trying to say through the piece of writing.

R: READER, if someone is to be a writer they must also be a reader because there is no way that they can develop themselves to become a stronger writer if they do not take the time to read their work but also other people’s work so that they can form ideas and opinions.

I: IMAGINATIVE, for someone to be a writer they need to have some form of imagination, though they may not write fantasy or muder mysteries, their imagination will influence their writing in many different ways such as the originality of the writing style and possibly what they are saying to the reader.

T: THINKER or TIME, a writer is someone who takes the time to work through the writing process thinking about what they want to write and how they want to write it. Also the time that the writer takes working on their piece of writing will influence how to become a better writer over time.

E: EDITOR, someone who is considered a writer must also acknowledge that a great piece of writing can not be accomplished by sitting down and just simply writing the first things that come to mind but taking time to edit what they write to try and form the best piece of writing that they can.

R: RELAXED, for someone to be a strong writer they must not fear writing because the writing will not be the writers voice in any sort of way. Also because to many people cringe and panic when the word writing is mentioned.

Some other words that pop into my mind when I think writer, is dictionary and thesaurus becuase without those I would have not come up with most of these words and been able to check to make sure that wordsmith was really a word! = )


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