ELNG Journal Entry

Well its a new week! HURRAY! I am so happy because after this week it will be reading week and though I don’t have any where exciting to travel to I will be keeping busy! For my reading week I will be volunteering at the Ice and Fire Festival in Victoria Park (At least thats what I think its called, I just know its the one down town!) For a couple hours and then another couple hours at the Food Bank so that I can finsih up my class assignment! Also I am going to be working for most of my days so I guess its not really that much of a vacaiton for me! But I guess not having to go to class for a week will be a very good break for me! = ) My week has been very quiet to start off with. I managed to finish up all my assignments that are due this week, last week so that all I have to do is hand them in and just hang out and relax! I always like doing that!

I was thinking about what it means to be a writer which my next post will be about! This got me thinking about a website that I visit on a weekly basis and its called Post Secret. At this site people create post cards with secrets on them and send them into the website. The site gets updated every Sunday (which has become my sunday night ritual to read the new post cards). Also the creator of the site has put out 4 books containing these post cards and I actually own 3 of them! They are really good though some are very sad but it made me think about what it means to be a writer. A writer is someone who can express themsevles creativly through writing and everyone has their own unique way of doing so. For people who send in these post cards, they really are writers because even though they may only use a few words or phrases on the post card they are expressing themselves so much more then writing pages and pages trying to say what they are feeling when only a few simple words can express an entire amount of emotions that so many people can read and relate to on a personal basis. Also for the record I have had mnay people who think that I am weird for reading these and also that this is the most bizzare idea ever but for me I find it to be the most purest and honest expression that any person can make.

I have added the link in if anyone would like to go and check out the site!


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