ELNG Assignment

So I have been working on gathering a lot of different types of writing for my writers notebook and had a really good time sharing them with my friends at my table. With each item that each of us showed it lead to a discussion about similar stories that we could all relate to.

So here are my answers to the questions about writers notebook.

1. I have a collected a fair amount of stuff already which makes me really happy. I have a folder in my room which I add things to from time to time. It has gotten to be very full and looking like there is a lot of stuff to go through!

2. I think the things that I need to make my writers notebook better or progress that I need to take to make it better is taking the time to sort everything out into different types of writing because right now its kind of scary to look at the huge mess of a file folder I have in front of me!

3. My collection that I have going on right now in my writers notebook is a mixture of many things. I have lots of photographs but also cards and pictures that have been made by hand for me from children that I have worked with. Also I have placed in letters that have impacted me and handouts about what it means to be a teacher. Each of these things influences me in a different way. When I look at the pictures that were made for me I began to think of all the different adventures and times that I spent with all of these different children. Also when I look at the ticket stubs or the teaching handouts that I have done I remember why I have chosen to stick to this degree through school.


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