ELNG Assignment

So I have been slowly working at away at my story book these days. It has been a little tricky trying to figure out what to write about that may be interesting enough for someone to read. I have been thinking about doing an ABC book from the list of ideas that I have brainstormed about. The only trick that I am having at the moment is to think of 26 different things about me that would go with each letter. Many of the letters are easy to come up with a particular word about someone I know or something I have done or liked. The problem I am having is coming up with something for lettes such as Z and X and O, just to name a few. I have been brainstorming and asking family and friends for any ideas. I have got a few and now just need pictures to go along with each of these letters. Its funny how when you do an activity like this, a lot of memories come back because each letter repersents some place I have been or a friend or family member and even my pets. Hopefully my book will turn out well!


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