ELNG Journal

Well its nearly the long weekend! Thank goodness! I am so excited because I get to have a few days off to just sit down and relax. I have been so crazy busy trying to get all my homework done so that I will not have that much to do on the weekend! Alot of my homework has been centered around writing papers which is no fun!

For my long weekend I am going to spend it in Moose Jaw visiting my family. It will be nice to see everyone cause I don’t get to go there as often as I would like because of school and work. I am pretty excited to see everyone while I am there to!

Not much has been going on in my life, just school and work. Both are very time consuming and very tiring some days. I am curious about the Lion’s Quest Training Program that I get to do tommorow. The only down fall that I see to it, is that it will be and 8 hour seminar… That is a little bit of a long afternoon and evening for me. Hopefully it will all go well and I will learn some interesting things about how to deal with bullying that I can apply in the classroom.

I should head back to my homework though!

Later days!


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