Final ELNG Assignment

I am trying to remember all the details that were asked for this final entry and so hopefully I can remember all of them or this will be updated shortly!!!

 1. Best ELNG Assignment entry – I thought that this was one of my best entries of the semester. I am not really sure why but for some reason I really enjoyed doing this activity and it made me think about what it meant to be a writer and all the words that describe and go along with becoming a writer. Its important to remember this because you need to be able to foster good writing skills in all of our students and make sure that they to become more comfortable with the writing process and acknowledging themselves as writers.

2. Growth over the semester: Entry 1 and Entry 2 – When I look at these two entries and compare them from two different times in the semester I see how I have grown and become more confident as a writer. I guess it helps to hear positive feed back about my writing styles and expressing myself through this blog. I have noticed that I am more comfortable and even a bit eager to write and be able to express myself. Though writing research papers can be a tad bit dull at times, I have that I am not so worried about how they will turn out. I think that over the semester I have been able to grow as a writer and become more confident with my techniques and style. This has made school work more interesting because I do not dread writing papers and seeing them come back full of marks but more as an opportunity to reflect and build upon the knowledge that I have gained from my free writing opportunities.


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