Tech Task 1: About Me

Tech Task 2: Spread sheet

Tech Task 3: Master card Commercial

Tech Task 4:Picture Story

Tech Task 5: My Summer Afternoon Picture story

Tech Task 6:Models vs Role Models

Tech Task 7: Use of wiki tools

Tech Task 8: All About me

Mentorship Project: Post and Examples

Final Project: Website



  1. Cha ntelle Said:

    Great organization of ECMP assignments! This will make it easy for Alec to see what you have been up to.

  2. Karen Lind Said:

    Autumn – Glad to see that writing goes beyond the confines of class time and notebooks. You have provided this reader with a glimpse of your interests and attitudes as a writer. I think you are too modest about your writing ability. I noticed and appreciated your many insights about teaching writing. In particular, you recognized the power of talk as a pre-writing strategy, critical importance of connecting to a writer’s passions and the acknowledgement that strategies are most accessible to reluctant writers.

    That phrase, “proper encouragement”, got me thinking that there are many kinds of feedback and yet that word, proper, seems to scare off writers…

    Finally, words to ponder – “person’s life is always changing…no control. This perspective might also be applied to the writer but as a teacher there is an opportunity to ensure some personal control.

    Thanks for an engaging read and freely sharing excerpts of your life with a larger audience. Love that word GAH! Til next time,


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