Education Links

All of the links provided are different sites I found that can be used in classrooms not only for the teacher but also the students. Computers can be used for more then just typing up papers and making power point presentations. All of these sites can help students express themselves through different formats or learn new skills which will help them in the classroom and make learning more interesting.

Sketchcast– Create draw and add voice while doing so

Task Manager– Online Organizer

Voice Thread– Create slideshows of pictures and add commentary.

Tux Paint– Elementary Painting Program

Tux Math– Math Game for Elementary Students

Tux Type– Typing Program for Elementary Students

Kerpoof studio– Create stories through different forms

Musicovery– Find music that fits your mood

Gliffy– Create graphs or concept maps.

Creating Lesson Plans– Alberta Education Lesson Plan Creation

Physical Education and Children with Disabilities – Online book from Alberta Education Site

CBC Archives – Great site that provides video and radio news feeds and pre made lesson plans to go along with news feeds.

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada– Kids stop website with games and activities about First Nations in Canada.

Stats Canada– List of lesson plans for students using sources from Stats Canada

SaskEd– Evergreen Curriculum Guides and Resources

SaskEd– General Reference List for a variety of subjects

SaskEd– Search Engine for recommended internet links for educators.

100+ Uses for Technology– Article for educators about using RSS and links on the internet.


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  1. Cha ntelle Said:

    Good Stuff — I made a page like this too. It is cool that you have put some of your favorites from the course, but also added others that you have come across on your own or from other classes. Keeping building on as you come across more!

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