ELNG Assignment

What does it mean to be a writer? There are so many things that can define who is a writer that anyone can become one with out even knowing. When I think of someone who is a writer I think of them as:

W: WORDSMITH, someone who wants to be a writer must consider that what they are trying to tell the reader does not only depend on the ideas that they are expressing but the words that they are using. If someone chooses weak or boring words they may lose the readers interest in what they are trying to say through the piece of writing.

R: READER, if someone is to be a writer they must also be a reader because there is no way that they can develop themselves to become a stronger writer if they do not take the time to read their work but also other people’s work so that they can form ideas and opinions.

I: IMAGINATIVE, for someone to be a writer they need to have some form of imagination, though they may not write fantasy or muder mysteries, their imagination will influence their writing in many different ways such as the originality of the writing style and possibly what they are saying to the reader.

T: THINKER or TIME, a writer is someone who takes the time to work through the writing process thinking about what they want to write and how they want to write it. Also the time that the writer takes working on their piece of writing will influence how to become a better writer over time.

E: EDITOR, someone who is considered a writer must also acknowledge that a great piece of writing can not be accomplished by sitting down and just simply writing the first things that come to mind but taking time to edit what they write to try and form the best piece of writing that they can.

R: RELAXED, for someone to be a strong writer they must not fear writing because the writing will not be the writers voice in any sort of way. Also because to many people cringe and panic when the word writing is mentioned.

Some other words that pop into my mind when I think writer, is dictionary and thesaurus becuase without those I would have not come up with most of these words and been able to check to make sure that wordsmith was really a word! = )


ELNG Journal Entry

Well its a new week! HURRAY! I am so happy because after this week it will be reading week and though I don’t have any where exciting to travel to I will be keeping busy! For my reading week I will be volunteering at the Ice and Fire Festival in Victoria Park (At least thats what I think its called, I just know its the one down town!) For a couple hours and then another couple hours at the Food Bank so that I can finsih up my class assignment! Also I am going to be working for most of my days so I guess its not really that much of a vacaiton for me! But I guess not having to go to class for a week will be a very good break for me! = ) My week has been very quiet to start off with. I managed to finish up all my assignments that are due this week, last week so that all I have to do is hand them in and just hang out and relax! I always like doing that!

I was thinking about what it means to be a writer which my next post will be about! This got me thinking about a website that I visit on a weekly basis and its called Post Secret. At this site people create post cards with secrets on them and send them into the website. The site gets updated every Sunday (which has become my sunday night ritual to read the new post cards). Also the creator of the site has put out 4 books containing these post cards and I actually own 3 of them! They are really good though some are very sad but it made me think about what it means to be a writer. A writer is someone who can express themsevles creativly through writing and everyone has their own unique way of doing so. For people who send in these post cards, they really are writers because even though they may only use a few words or phrases on the post card they are expressing themselves so much more then writing pages and pages trying to say what they are feeling when only a few simple words can express an entire amount of emotions that so many people can read and relate to on a personal basis. Also for the record I have had mnay people who think that I am weird for reading these and also that this is the most bizzare idea ever but for me I find it to be the most purest and honest expression that any person can make.

I have added the link in if anyone would like to go and check out the site!


ELNG Journal Entry

Its already February and I am so glad that in a week and some it will be reading week. I am going to be quite a boring person and just spend my entire week off of school working.. Not that fun I know! GAH! But i guess I will get some time to spend time with friends who I am sad to say have kinda got misplaced between school work and my own work.

I am excited for the end of the week because I get to do a day camp on healthy eating! I have been planning it out and think I am ready! I did one the other week, where it was an ice cream social. It was really fun cause we got to make ice cream in baggies which was very tasty! My work has been very helpful because I get to plan out “lessons” and work with a group of kids for a couple hours. This feels really helpful for me as an upcoming teacher because I get the chance to be in a leader role even if for a little while.

It was kinda tricky when I was doing my lesson plan for my group project because I felt nervous doing it in front of my class mates, mainly I think I was nervous about being judged by them and what I was doing. I get really nervous about things like that and sometimes feel like I kind of screwed up.

Later days!

ELNG Assignment

How can teachers respect a writer’s efforts and still inspire the writer to stretch and extend their writing?(Section 20)

A teacher can respect a writers efforts but still inspire that writer in many different ways. One particular way that the teacher could do this is talk to the writer and find out what they are most passionate about and try to incorporate it into the writing experience. If the writer does not have the strongest ability, a teacher can provide insight, or thoughts about what the writer may want to do to try and fix what they are doign wrong. A teacher should never degrade a student but try and understand, support but also encourage new writing and change in a step by step process so that they student will not feel overwhelmed and confused. If students are given the chance to expand slowly and have the teacher provide support and information on the changes, they may feel more comfortable to continue to work harder on the changes.

It is difficult as teachers because you do not want to damper or put down a writers work but not give them the proper encouragement where they will feel like they are just getting told that they are doing a good job and not recieving any other feedback. The influences that we have on writers can impact how they view themselves and either the continuation of their writing or the stopping of their writing.

ELNG Assignment

Given the difference between strategies and skills(writing, life,sports…)which is most important in coaching a reluctant or struggling writer? REMEMBER: this is a journal where you use writing to explore the issue and express your thoughts. IDEAS about the topic rather than “one size fits all” answer is the ideal.

It is important for coaching a writer by supporting the different strategies that can be used in helping the students with working with writings. The use of strategies can be helpful for some students because they may not know a way to start the writing process and have it become easier for them to start working. Though skills also have an influence on the writing process, strategies can be helpful because not all students have the skills to be strong writers at first so it makes it hard for some students who lack a few of those skills to know where to start and need help from an outside influence on what to do.

ELNG Journal Entry

So its an absolute BLIZZARD outside! Its so so cold and I am hiding out in my house as a way of avoidng the cold! This week has been starting off slowly! The other day my boyfriend and I went to a dinner party with a couple friends, which was a nice start to the week. Otherwise it has been pretty slow.

Good news about my school! My Elng project is going well and we are really excited to present! We have a big pile of books and even a tape that we are going to use as examples! I am really excited and I figured out a plan for my health project which will be easy to put together and has realieved some stress!

Later Days!

ELNG Journal Entry

So its a very snowy day right now! I have a few mintues before I am to bundle up in my many layers of coats and put on my big tall boots and trudge off to school. Its not to bad walking to school most days. The only down fall is when there is a windshield of -35 and no matter how fast you try to walk, you just end up feeling cold! A lot of people question me about why I would rather take the 15-20 minute walk instead of drive up and I point out the simple fact that I would rather walk and be cold then drive, park in a lot that is a good 5 minute sometimes 10 minutes, depending on what lot you are at, to just simply go to school. Also the price of parking is a tad bit high for me and not wanting to see my veichle get damaged is also another reason. I know most people have not had issues but I have seen the random “keying” to peoples cars and the dents that people have gotten from other people simply swinging open their doors wihtout a care in the world. So I shall now head off and shufffle through the mass amount of snow outside for my class this afternoon! 

ELNG Assignment

Write about how you feel about yourself as a writer. Do you consider yourself a writer? Why or why not? What particular challenges do you face as a writer? Is it easy for you to think about topics to write about?

I don’t know if I would say that I am a writer or not. I guess since I write on here, it does mean that I am an actual writer. Am I a good writer? I don’t really think I am the absolute awesome kind of one. I have written term paper after term paper and assignment and tests enough times in university and have gotten different types of feed back for everyone of them. English which is not a strong point of mine (I like to read books but I don’t like to write essay’s comparing two books on how they are similar and how they are different) was good and bad for me. My first university english 100 class went well and I say I did fairly decent for trying hard and attempting to figure out Prarie poetry and the meaning they were sending out. On the other hand when I hit English 110 and was told that I was a dyslexic and a poor writer, and questioned how I actually made it to university dampened my spirits on ever thinking I was a good writer (I found out later that this prof has formed her opinion that, that is how everyone is and has quite an ego). What changed me after that horrific english class (which I remarkedly passed) was that I got a 100% (I was absolutely floored) for a sociology term paper. I of course ran up to this english prof slapped it on the desk and screamed “HA I AM SO A GOOD WRITER”, which was kind of not mature but I was happy. I am pretty sure that the one thing that stops me from a writer is that me and grammar, or grammar and I, do not agree with each other. After years of elementary school shoving it into my brain, I do not favor grammar.

ELNG Journal entry

So for my ELNG class I am supposed to keep a journal and just write in it. Sounds pretty easy for me. So I guess I will start describing my week. Its been beyond crazy and tiring and its only Tuesday. Wow… I just started a new job as a casual rec worker with the city (BYE BYE CASHIERING!) and its been pretty good. The hard thing right now is just getting all the orientation and work sorted out so that I can work! Its tough! I feel like I am constantly running to work for like 15 minutes and then going home again. The catch is the center I am at is not exactly a quick run to from my house or from school. But hey I will eventually stop feeding the parking meters and letting the uni steal all of my loonies and toonies! I am excited for friday because I get to do a day camp (which thankfully is only one day cause I am not that overly masterful at being creative)! I have already created two activity plans because I have to do this on two different fridays! YIkES! Its been kind of a tough semester so far with having to get used to do night classes. I find it hard cause I am more wide awake and ready to run around all afternoon so maybe its been a good thing because I actually do my homework and not read to pages and go ok i am tired time for some sleep! Which is what I do after I get home from work or class! = ) I ever so smartly forgot to grab the one book i need to do readings today before I ran out my front door and am kicking myself for it… But I guess that means I get to cram a few chapters in tonight (ok lets say a few pages cause its a really dry book) and then some more tommorrow in between class and orientation and class… oye I am going to be one tired girl by sunday!


ELNG Assignment

Song: Good Riddance (Time of your life)

Band: Green Day

Lyrics: Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go

These lyrics make me really think because it’s talking about how many people face life on a day to day basis. From these lyrics, I think of lots of different situations that myself and many people have gone through on a day to day life. In the line “Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.” is unique because it makes me think about how a person’s life is constantly chaning and that we have no control over time. This is a really unique song because it describes the feelings that I have about growing up and going through life. These are important lyrics because it helps describe many times in my life and people can be able to relate to these because everyone at one point in time feels lost and has to make a choice and they do not know the outcomes that will occur.

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